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Deutschland – Griechenland – Ungarn – Niederlande – Spanien – Türkei





Schule Finowfurt

Our school is a secondary school with elementary SCHOOL: Girls and boys from the first to tenth form learn and work there. The school has 47 teachers and about 520 students. They come from different villages, towns and other countries.

In Germany a typical lesson takes 45 minutes, but our lessons take 60 minutes. We like our new system and have a lot of success in teaching and learning. At the end of year 10 students can reach all possible school-leaving qualifications. We pay attention to an excellent professional preparation. Tolerance, respect, integration and non-violence are very important for us.

We are a part of ERASMUS+ PROJECT which will last from2016-2019. Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain and Turkey are also on board. Europe and the idea behind it are important in our education. The ERASMUS+ project will be a part of our school programme. It will support our students to become active European citizens.


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