EDUCATION – the key for your future!                 2016-2019

Deutschland – Griechenland – Ungarn – Niederlande – Spanien – Türkei





The 62nd Junior High School of Athens is located at the centre of our city, at the district of Petralona, quite close to the historical centre. It is a secondary education school attended by 237 students whose age ranges from 12-15 years old. About 20% of our students are migrant children

The goal of our school is to provide students with opportunities for knowledge acquisition, to acquire skills and to open new prospects for them in order to build a better future for themselves.  The students carry out a variety of projects through which they are offered the opportunity to gain insight into different fields of life and education such as culture, history, health, the protection of the environment and so on. In addition, our school tries to improve the quality of our work and to broaden the horisons of the students. We manage to achieve this goal set to a large degree through European cooperation (Comenius, e-twinning or Erasmus+ programmes), which further on makes them aware of their European identity and of the multiculturality of today’s society.  Even more enhancing the act of education, our school aims at providing students with opportunities beyond the timetable by offering tutoring courses, preparatory courses for language examinations or informatics and robotics courses on a voluntary basis.

Given the fact that the lives of large sections of the population are strongly affected by a continuing economic crisis, and that the unemployment rate for young ages has risen to 50% in recent years, our efforts focus upon making school attractive to students and enhancing their interest in education, as the final goal set is the creation and sustainability of a better future for the younger generations.


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