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The Baktay Ervin Gymnasium is a high school for children between 13 and 19 years. Here, girls and boys learn together from seventh to tenth grade. There are 41 teachers in the school and about 407-440 students are studying here. We teach children and adolescents with and without disabilities together. The Gymnasium also houses a music school and a night school (distance learning). The lively student life, the many school programs and the family atmosphere ensure that our students feel comfortable with us. The state prescribes 35-37 hours weekly for the children. Starting situation of the school 2015/2016: Currently we have 15 classes with a total of 407 students. The class sizes are between 22 and 34 pupils. The foreign language, mathematics and computer science lessons are divided into two groups each. We have two primary school classes (7th and 8th grade) and 12 high school grades (9-12th grade). Every year we have a language preparation class (9th grade) in which students learn German and English in an increased number of hours (14 + 4 hours). The aim of these classes is to provide linguistically gifted children with the necessary knowledge and skills for a language test, thus giving them more opportunities in their studies and in the professional world. In Hungary, the acquisition of a diploma is subject to a B2 or C1 language certificate. At our school two foreign languages ​​(German and English) are taught, all children learn both languages ​​in parallel as 1st and 2nd foreign language. Our strategic goal is to develop foreign contacts and thus to motivate the students to learn foreign languages ​​and to actively involve them in our projects.

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