EDUCATION – the key for your future!                 2016-2019

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Via Nova College is a high school built in one of the newest neighborhoods in Utrecht; Leidsche Rijn. The school was built in 2005, the same year Via Nova College was founded. Via Nova College shares a building with Leidsche Rijn College. In January 2019 Via Nova College will move to a new building, due the fact that Leidsche Rijn College needs more space. We’re looking forward to start teaching in a new modern building.

Via Nova College counts 675 students and 95 colleagues. Students enter the school at age 12 and do their final exams when they are 16 or 17 years old. After their final exams our students will follow further education to get ready for their working life.

In our school, sports is an important part of our education. Every student has four hours of sport per week. Besides their regular schedule they can also apply for our special sports-class. Students who are interested in sports-class can take an audition. When they’re motivated enough they will have two more hours of sports every week. Also a couple of times a year our sport-class students have the opportunity to do sports activities outside of school, like skiing, iceskating, bodyboarding or organise a sportsday for primary schools.

We thinks it’s important to show our students that there’s more in life than only school. That’s why we intended in this Eramus+ project in 2016.






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