2. Meeting: 62. High School of Athens : Workshop Description

2nd Meeting: 62nd High School of Athens, 2. -8. April 2017 Content: “Increase of reading skills – Development of different motivational techniques for the acquisition or improvement of the skill of reading”



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  1. Meeting: 62nd High School of Athens, 2. -8. April 2017  

Content item: “Increase of reading skills – Development of different motivational techniques for the acquisition or improvement of the skill of reading”

Workshop1 ·: “Alpha, beta, gamma…”-a literacy test using as an example the oldest spoken European language, the Greek language.

The goal of this workshop was the familiarization of the participants with the importance of literacy – as the basis of the reading skill and comprehension.

During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to deal in a playful and entertaining way with a new unknown alphabet. At the same time, they also had to determine the following:

  1. To cope with the essential importance of reading especially for everyday life (recognize their own name, read a street sign or a product description, etc.).
  2. A new Alphabet may not be so hard as it may originally be thought. The decodification of Greek words which came as loan words in their own language gave the participants an immediate sense of accomplishment and increased the motivation to continue and to create their own Greek alphabet – or Word folder.
  3. The workshop was very successful. All participants were very motivated and the objectives set were achieved.
  • Workshop 2: “Daedalus and Ikaros”- transcribe texts into comics.

This creative form of text production, which is not to be confused with free writing requires the ‘total reading’, as well as the understanding of the original text and adds its own subjective acts aiming to improve comprehension. That is, first and foremost, it concerns a productive text reception.

In this workshop participants dealt with the conversion of a text into comic art in various forms of work (individual work, group work). They worked very motivated in their international group and were able to achieve very good results at the end of the workshop. These results were recorded in the form of comic books, which were then copied and given to each partner school. The idea of the text work idea that emerged from this workshop, turned out to be highly motivating for all participants. The students were very proud of their group work results. For the teacher, who participated, this method of work was new and proved popular.

-Workshop 3: “Echo and Narcissus” – dramatization of texts.

The dramatization of texts is a method often applied in the teaching of foreign languages. It’s a motivational method, which is to encourage students to adopt the so-called “total reading”.

At the same time, the primary purpose of the activity, the scenic representation of a text which in a school environment passes as a performing game rather than as education Theatre, involves a deeply poignant discussion process with the respective text.

Especially in children and adolescents, this form of work has a special relevance, as it seems on the one hand to arouse their interest and therefore to exert motivating influences, and at the same time it significantly contributes to their aesthetic education. The text that was modified in our workshop, was a revision of the text “Echo and Narcissus” by Ovid.The workshop could indeed appeal both, participating young people as well as teachers, to motivate them and make them work together.

  • Workshop 4: “Let’s Dance” – a text put in motion to.

Instructional texts / relevance of images as enhancing comprehension of texts.

In the context of this workshop the participants dealt with a text, which included very detailed instructions on the implementation of individual sequences of a traditional Greek dance. The goal of a group dance proved to bequite a motivating effect for the participants. A “total reading” and understanding of the text is of course required in order to carry out the instructions. This type of text images,which enhances text comprehension play a particularly important role. Accordingly, a video aided the participants in grabbing the text. And as a result, dancing in Group not only amused the attendees, it also brought a sense of achievement for them as far as their performance went.

Marianna Stoupa


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