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“Show Respect” – A workshop in Finowfurt, Germany.

As everybody knows, more and more people are experiencing a lack of respectful behaviour these days.We took this as a chance to create a workshop called “Show Respect” – held during the international Erasmus+ week in Finowfurt, Germany. In this workshop the students were made to reflect on the topic by activation and practical methods. At the end of the day the participants produced frozen images and short video clips in international groups. The frozen images as well as the video clips had to showcase typical situations and manners which can significantly be improved by respectful behaviour.

Of course, the students were helped to work on their facial expressions and gestures by some introducing warm-ups. That way, they hadthe chance to put themselves in others’ positions beforehand (individually, in pairs or as groups) just like later when they performed for the video shoot. But these were not the only introducing activities for the main tasks of the workshop. The students were also asked to reflect on the extensive workshop-topic some weeks before the workshop started. It was their homework to make mind-maps which show areas of life in which respect is an issue. These ideas were then taken as topics for the video clips.Therefore, the students created videos about respectful behaviour towards family and friends, at school, in the environment and even in traffic.

The outcome of the workshop weren’t just the frozen images or the short video clips. It was also obvious that the students made up their minds for the topic and the meaning of such a wide and abstract word like respect. It became clear that all the students had already experienced harmful disrespectful behaviour in various circumstances, very often at school. By producing the frozen images and video clips the participants experienced how respectful behaviour can help to feel safe and to preserve their own as well as other people’s dignity and happiness. Making students work intensively on this topic has enabled them to become more sensitive and responsible for their own behaviour.

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