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Deutschland – Griechenland – Ungarn – Niederlande – Spanien – Türkei





Scientific research on learning a foreign language supports the use of music as a basic tool for physiological, psychological and pedagogical reasons. From our point of view, music should also be considered as a very useful tool to improve school performance in foreign languages, especially for students with motivation problems.

During the preparatory phase of the Meeting in Telde each participating center has made a small classroom experiment in English or German class teaching the same contents in two groups, using music in only one of them. Both, the overall results as well as the assessment of the activity by the students, were significantly more positive in the group that worked with music.

In order to carry out the study we used  the European Internet Platform eTwinning, to share materials and results of the experience.

Finally each center produced a flashmob using music from their native language with the aim of getting to know each other better and bringing cultures closer together. During the Meeting in Telde each school displayed their flahmob to present  themselves and their country in the opening ceremony.

Meeting in Telde,

11th. to 17th. November 2018


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