EDUCATION – the key for your future!                 2016-2019

Deutschland – Griechenland – Ungarn – Niederlande – Spanien – Türkei




The High School José Arencibia GiL, founded in 1954, is located in the city center of Telde, the second biggest city of Gran Canaria. Every day approximately 1000 pupils and around 70 teachers study and work here. The school is divided into two buildings, in one of dem includes the compulsory secondary education (ESO) and the other one the upper-secondary school (Bachillerato) and the night school.

The main focus of our educational programm is the teaching of attitudes, which  enables pupils to cope with the profesional world, with the society and with the family.  Therefore  our school is involved in several projects, whose objectives are to promote values in areas such as gender equality (Equality Network), environmental responsability (Environment Network), healthy lifestyles (Health Network), solidarity and respect for foreign cultures (Solidarity Network) and the development of an European identity (Erasmus+)


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