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The Mektebim Çukurova Bilfen  School is located in southern Turkey and looks back on a 26-year tradition. The number of students on our campus is 2537 pupils. Our school includes a kindergarten, a primary school with the classes 1 to 4 as well as the secondary school with the classes 5 – 8. This is followed by the high school (secondary school 2). In the 4-year secondary school 2 differ in our school 2 types of high schools: the foreign-language Anadolu-Gymnasium and the science-oriented Fen-Gymnasium. All departments are housed in school buildings. In the gymnasialen area of ​​the school 46 teachers work with 640 students. We are a full-time school, which therefore awards regional scholarships in a variety of areas such as sports and high academic performance. The proof of achievement of the students is based on high academic competence. This is precisely what our successes in the state entrance examinations for science and Anadolu grammar schools TEOG and university entrance examinations YGS-LYS speak. In addition, our students participate in Cambridge University’s (Cambridge Young Learners Test KET-PET and FCE-CAE) world-renowned certification exams. We also have a lot of sports, arts and cultural activities in which our students are very successful. We have many first places in various sports such as first places in gymnastics, swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball and nationwide chess competitions. The teachers are motivated, able to work in a team, are technically competent and have a wide variety of methods. They therefore continue to educate themselves in all relevant areas and develop common concepts. The interaction of all members of the school community is characterized by a willingness to engage in dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect.

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