Here at Mektebim Bilfen College we conduct an Erasmus + project called “Education: The Key for our Future”. The project was launched in September 2016 and it will finish in 2019.

Our project consists of six partner countries, which are Hungary, Germany, Greece, Holland, Spain and Turkey. The coordinator is Germany.

We will visit the five countries mentioned and we will host them in Adana in April 2018. Within the project, up to now, we have visited Finowfurt, Germany. This April, we will be visiting Athens, Greece.



Following the Finowfurt visit, we gathered all of our high school students at the conference hall, informed them about our project and the visit to Finowfurt.

The students who visited Germany, talked about their experiences. The students asked questions and we tried to give them a general idea as to what we expect from them.


On behalf of the project, we have formed an Erasmus+ Project Club for which our students showed a great interest. We have more than fifty members in our club now and we meet every Monday at lunch break to brainstorm ideas as to what we can do for Education: The Key for our Future.

We believe students are an inseparable part of this project and so we require active and full participation. Every new piece of information is announced to the member students in these Monday-meetings. We assign various tasks to our members for each visit we will make and we set deadlines for these tasks.



For the Greece meeting in April in 2017, we have been working since November. We have fulfilled the necessary tasks which our fellow partner Greece has demanded.

The students have worked really hard. They prepared power point presentations, shot videos and did a variety of workshops for the tasks which are to be presented in Greece.



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  1. Such projects are a great step in the development of the education . Thanks to such kind of collaboration between countries, our children can get better educational opportunities.

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