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Guest speakers 14/03/2018
Kenny Rosengarten
Dounia El Hammouti


Kenny Rosengarten is the sports teacher at our school. He was our first guest speaker. Since we’re a special so called LOOT school, we offer a special program to students who are professional sports players. Kenny is responsible for those students and their program. In the PowerPoint he made there’s all the information about LOOT.


Dounia El Hammouti is a student at university and a former student of our school. She is studying Food & Health. Dounia is doing her internship at Via Nova College. One of her goals is to make the cafeteria at Via Nova College a healthy one. Now we sell a lot of unhealthy food like chocolate, pizza en soda’s.
Dounia talked with us to ask how healthy the schools in Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Greece are.
It turned out it’s different everywhere. Of course every school wants to have their kids eat and drink as healthy as possible. Some schools only sell healthy stuff, but students go to the supermarket close by to buy candy and other things.

Greece has the most healthy cafeteria, and since students can’t leave the schoolyard, they can’t go to the supermarket.

The cafeteria in Spain is a private company, so school can’t tell them what to sell and what not to sell. Of course the sell unhealthy things, since that’s what students like.
Turns out in the end every school wants their students to eat and drink healthy, but it’s hard to realize this because students still can buy whatever they like in the supermarkets. Even if they can’t leave the schoolyard, they can buy it on their way to school.


We believe this is an important subject to talk about. When students eat and drink a lot of things with sugar, they’ll get a sugar rush. Which means they’ll have a lot of short term energy after their break, but soon after that they won’t have any energy. This makes it hard to make the students concentrate and focus on their schoolwork.

Pressentation sportclass Holland March 2018

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